We bring the Recording Studio to you

By using our mobile recording studio in combination with our assortment of studio grade microphones and acoustic control, we can create professional studio quality recordings in a location of your choice such as your home, rehearsal room, church, school, office etc.  We are able to record individual instruments on multiple channels over many “takes” and then mix and master them back at our music studio in order to give your material that perfect recording studio sound. We can also supply you with the raw files for you to mix yourself should you wish.

Why would you record on location?

Recording studios can often be very clinical, uncomfortable places which can make the performers feel intimidated. Location recording in a familiar environment helps you to feel relaxed and comfortable and so perform more naturally and obtain better results. The Recordings 2 Go mobile recording studio offers great flexibility and convenience, allowing you to book shorter sessions and organise them over a time frame that suits you. We’re more cost effective than a traditional studio too!


It has long been a common belief that the ideal place to record music was in the sterile and uninspiring environments of the traditional recording studio and then artificially create room ambience afterwards. However, with the Recordings 2 Go mobile recording studio you get to choose a venue for your project that you feel comfortable working in and one which will inspire you to be creative.

School Recording

Hiring Recordings 2 Go to come to your school and professionally record the school choir or orchestra provides a unique experience for the pupils and is also great fun for the staff to get involved. However, our service to schools goes much further than this. We can record all sorts of school activity such as poetry recitals, readings, music examinations, school plays and even special assembly services.